About Us: How We Began And Our Etsy Backstory - Blackbird Supply Co.

About Us

Hello there! We're Jody and Karl, the dynamic duo behind Blackbird Supply Co. (formerly known as Blackbird Tees--more about that below). That's right, it's just the two of us! Jody illustrates all of our original designs which are printed on to ethically-manufactured apparel, tea towels and more. And I work behind the scenes with inventory, wholesale, social media and accounting.

When we're not working, we'll use any excuse to take a road trip, cook & eat delicious food, watch nature programs, enjoy a warm cup of coffee and/or settle down for a 15-minute power nap.

Jody & Karl, Owners of Blackbird Supply Co.

We're self-taught in every aspect of the business, and we put an enormous amount of thought into the design, printing, and photography of each item. We happily use eco-friendly packaging materials and are always on the lookout for ways to decrease our carbon footprint. Our shipping envelopes are made from 100% recycled content and even include a secondary seal, allowing them to be reused--which is a convenient feature for customers in regards to returns / exchanges. We also use 100% recycled and biodegradable tissue paper when packaging our items.

How We Began:

In 2008, our tiny t-shirt business began. Little did we know that 9 years later our collection would expand beyond t-shirts to include the likes of tea towels, scarves and even monogrammed cardigans. While we're still technically a tiny business on paper, we've grown enough to support 2 full-time employees. And in today's world, we consider that a small business victory!

As we continue to grow, we'll be adding more and more items here on our site. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and be the first to know when new products are launched. And if you can't wait to see everything else--which is completely understandable--feel free to peruse the entire collection in our Etsy shop.

Our Recent Name Change:

While we did make a slight change to our name, we're still doing everything else just as we have since day 1 - each and every design is illustrated by us, hand printed by us, wrapped up, packaged and shipped by us. Here's to small and wonderful changes!