Vintage Voyager Sew On Patches Mid-Atlantic Northeast States

Blackbird Supply Co.

A throwback from the 1980's, these vintage sew on patches were made by Voyager--a popular manufacturer of travel patches during that era. Each patch features an embroidered logo, historical figure, flower, and/or animal. This particular lot includes several Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states. Choose your favorite(s)!


Circa 1980's Voyager Sew On Mid-Atlantic / Northeast State Patches. Each patch measures approximately 2.75" x 2". Choose from the 8 state patches listed below:

1. Virginia
2. North Carolina
3. West Virginia
4. Pennsylvania
5. Deleware
6. New Jersey
7. Connecticut
8. Vermont


All patches are in excellent condition and have never been used. Iron on backing material still intact and in good condition. Can also be sewn in to a jacket, backpack, or other item. Original packaging is not pictured but is also included.

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