Vintage 1960s Halco Stainless Steel Diner Style Sanitary Straw Dispenser

Blackbird Supply Co.

Craving a milkshake or ice cold soda with no straw in sight? No problem! Access the straw you need from either side of this vintage Halco diner style stainless steel straw dispenser. In great condition and eager to please. The perfect item to complete your retro kitchen makeover.


Circa 1960s Halco Stainless Steel Double Sided Sanitary Straw Dispenser. Made in Japan. Measures about 10" x 5" x 6". Also includes about a dozen (perhaps more) plastic bendy straws.


In great overall condition. Item has been thoroughly cleaned so there are only a few spots with a little buildup (mostly in the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices). No major scratches or dented section. Stainless steel surface has some light ghost stains that are more prevalent on one side. Could possibly be removed with the proper cleaner and some elbow grease.

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