Transitional Fall Fashion

by Karl Topee

During the dog days of summer, the concept of cooler weather seems impossible. But believe it or not, in a few short weeks the chilly nights of Autumn will return. So even though you're currently sweating through your cutoff shorts, now's the perfect time to brush up on those pumpkin carving skills and take a preemptive stab at updating your Fall wardrobe.

Here are 4 layering options to get your transition started:

1. The ROAM lightweight zip hoodie:

The ROAM Lightweight Zip Hoodie

2. The Moon Phase Poncho:

The Women's Moon Phase Poncho

3. The Starry Night Slouchy Pullover:

The Starry Night Slouchy Pullover

4. The Moon Hooded Sweatshirt:

The Moon Hooded Sweatshirt

Karl Topee
Karl Topee


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