Our New, Eco-Friendly Shipping Bags!

by Karl Topee

We totally thought the switch to eco-friendly packaging would be too cost prohibitive. After all, most products that claim to be environmentally-friendly cost more--or at least, that's the myth we've been led to believe...

All conspiracy theories aside, the switch to eco-friendly packaging has actually been quite simple...and cheaper to boot! In fact, as of January 2013, we started phasing out our Tyvek envelopes in favor of 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable poly mailers. Did I mention that they're reusable too?!


We are so impressed with these bags! So much so, that we have to give huge, HUGE props to our new favorite shipping envelope / packaging supplier, Eco Enclose. By offering affordable ways for tiny companies like us to make this type of eco-friendly switch, they're enabling all of us to make better, greener decisions in the long run. And that's definitely something worth paying a bit more for...although, in this case, we don't have to!

Karl Topee
Karl Topee



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